Alfouad Air Conditioning

We have succeeded in Al Fouad Company over the past years in making our activity occupy a prominent position, through the characteristics of all our products and services from Quality, flexibility, and confidence, and the primary factor in achieving this achievement have been our constant endeavor to exceed our customers' expectations. Today, with the growth of our actions and activities, which paint new horizons for our people and societies That our services reach, we remain committed to our philosophy of producing high-quality products according to the highest international standards, forming mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers, and investing Of human wealth, and preserving our position as good citizens. We have taken several steps to fulfill the increasing demand and market needs in our fields in the region, and here are the expansion projects We have carried out its full capacity and will reach our production to the highest levels. Likewise, we have participated in the completion of investments and sectors. In the region, we are always honored to work with her, With our ambitious plans to grow in competitive markets, we have reshaped our motto, externally and internally, as part of preparations for all our future endeavors. through The promise to manufacture the best and finest technologies and air conditioners. Al Fouad Group Company will continue in its serious endeavor, which will not be limited to preserving what it has reached. It has a status and reputation and strengthened it through continuous development and success in all aspects of our business. Whether you are one of our current or future clients, your support Our generosity is greatly appreciated, an honor, and a big boost for us in our continuous pursuit of growth and participation in the development of the world of air conditioning, through our products Sky Star and Kenai ALFOUAD are some of the biggest leading companies in this domain. As it is owning different international agencies for air conditioning brands has an excellent reputation that qualified it to have a great position in the market. Thus, it represents the safety, quality and perfection refer to an experience for more than 21 years. As ALFOUAD conditioning company has established in 1993. Since that date, it is progressing with engineering and technical expertise support who could execute a lot of the integrated projects, as well as installation works, maintenance, and supplies for all the air conditioning brands.